Flighted Mallard Hunts


Flighted Mallard Hunts

Mallard Duck in Texas

Luxury Duck Hunting in Texas

Greystone Castle has long been known to have some of the best wingshooting in Texas, and our guided duck hunts are no different. Although most famously known for our upland hunts, our luxury duck hunts have fast made Greystone Castle one of the top waterfowl hunting destinations in Texas.

At times, up to 3,000 ducks roost on our lakes, making for an incredible duck hunting experience unlike anything that most people have seen before.

A flighted mallard duck hunt guarantees constant shooting action alongside some of the best duck hunting guides and dogs in the state of Texas.

Texas Duck Hunting

What to Expect on Your Texas Duck Hunt

Our guided duck hunts at Greystone are the "Cadillac of duck hunts". On top of staying in our luxury hunting lodge, we keep you dry, warm, comfortable, and most importantly, we keep you busy. This is an action packed duck hunt with a high density of birds.

You will be accompanied by an expert duck hunting guide and well trained dogs, adding to the experience. Using quality decoy spreads and skilled calling, our guides will have the birds moving non-stop.

This flighted mallard hunt is extremely popular both for individuals and corporate hunting groups, as we can accommodate a large amount of hunters in our 8 different duck blinds. If you are looking for the ultimate luxury duck hunting experience in Texas, this hunt is for you.

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Texas Duck Hunting Packages

Our driven mallard hunts include warm-up clays, transportation to/from the field, professional guides, seasoned gun dogs, bird processing, and vacuum packaging of birds. Tax, service fees, gratuity, alcohol, and ammo are not included.

  • Driven Mallard Hunt
    $2,100/blind (3-4 gun maximum per blind)
  • Extra Birds
    Mallard - $30

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