Whitetail Deer Hunting


Whitetail Deer Hunting

Texas Whitetail

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas

Years of careful management have resulted in a Whitetail Deer Hunting program to be proud of at Greystone Castle. Intensive genetic supplementation, keen management, and predator control have resulted in a breeding program that takes place in the wild. Careful management of age and class as well as a selective culling program have produced trophy whitetail deer that any hunter will be proud to hunt.

At Greystone Castle, we offer several deer hunting packages to meet hunters' individual needs and wants. Regardless of your choice, we promise to offer you an unforgettable Texas whitetail hunting experience.

Monster Whitetail Deer

Gold Medal Whitetail Deer Hunts

We offer two early-season Texas deer hunting Special Programs at Greystone Castle. Our Gold Medal program was first introduced in 2014. This special program offers an all-inclusive rate to hunters based on the date of the hunt, not the score of the deer. Gold Medal #1 is offered on the opening weekend of Texas deer season in October. This 4-day, 3-night hunt includes all meals, lodging, guide fees, and trophy fee. Gold Medal #2 is offered the next weekend and is also all-inclusive. These deer hunting specials are the first of the season and offer hunters the best chance of harvesting a true monster buck. Expect to see bucks well over 200″!

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Trophy Whitetail Deer

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

After the Gold Medal deer hunts, we offer Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts based on size/class. These all-inclusive, fully guided hunts are totally customizable for your schedule and budget. Our experienced guides will sit with you in comfortable blinds and help you pick the trophy whitetail deer of your dreams!

All-inclusive packages are 3 days, and 2 nights and include a private room, all meals, appetizers, as well as a personal guide, trophy caping, and 1 (one) animal. Tax, service fees, gratuity, licenses, and alcohol are not included.

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Texas Whitetail Hunting Lodge

What to Expect on your Texas Whitetail Hunt

~ Arrival at The Castle ~

Imagine driving across I-20 and seeing four turrets rising high on a mesa. You pull up to the black iron gates and push the call button to the pro shop where one of the ladies will buzz you in. As you climb up the over one mile-long driveway, expect to see whitetail deer and blackbuck antelope roaming the fields. Park in the paved parking lot and follow the signage into the pro shop to sign in and find out where your room is. After getting settled in your room, head back to the courtyard to meet up with your guide. He (or she) will be with you throughout your entire hunt, guiding you to the best buck he can find. Plan to head down to the rifle range to sight in your rifle or bow and take a couple of practice shots. Then you will head out in a side-by-side UTV to your hunting destination. Depending on your preferred method, you will be in a raised blind or ground blind. Either way, expect plenty of room for you and your guide to be comfortable for the hunt.

Relaxing After the Hunt

~ After The Hunt ~

Your guide will drop you off back at the Castle courtyard. He will help you get your gun (or bow) safely stored in our gun room before showing you to our pavilion, where appetizers and cocktails await you. Enjoy a roaring fire and plan to share stories about your hunt with other guests. Dinner will be served in our formal dining room, but can also be requested in the pavilion. After your gourmet, 3-course meal featuring the freshest of steaks, duck and seafood, plan to return to the pavilion for a game of pool, a cigar at the firepit, or to just relax and enjoy the stars. We also offer a pool, hot tub and steam room. When you are ready to retire to your lodge, relax in your room featuring a private bathroom, or in the living area with soda and water.

Lodge Relaxation

~ The Next Morning ~

Plan to wake early and grab coffee, a breakfast wrap, and a selection of bagels and muffins in the continental breakfast room. Meet your guide in the courtyard and head out to your next blind.

~ Lunch ~

Lunch is served at noon in the formal dining room or the pavilion. Then relax in the pavilion, by the pool, visit the turrets to admire the view or take a nice nap. Your guide will arrange to meet you in the courtyard for your afternoon hunt.

Trophy Texas Buck

~ After The Trophy ~

Once you take your trophy buck, plan to pose for pictures on top of the mesa. Then your guide will clean and cape your deer and prepare the meat for you to take to a processor of your choice. Expect to share your story with other guests in the pavilion! If you still have time, you can arrange with your guide to add on any of the other activities Greystone offers (season permitting) such as sporting clays, bird hunting, bass fishing, or even exotic hunting (additional fees apply).

~ Departure ~

When you check out in the pro shop, don’t forget to book your dates for your next hunt. You will surely want to experience all that Greystone has to offer!

Whitetail Deer Hunts Package Information

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Lodging and Meals

While it is our goal to have a successful whitetail deer hunting experience, wild animals offer no guarantee. In the event that no animal is harvested, the hunter will be billed at a rate of $675 per night to cover room, meals, and guide fee.

Non-hunting guest in the same room pays $225 per night for all-inclusive meals. Non-hunting guest in a separate room pays $500 per night for all-inclusive meals and lodging.

Deer Hunt Deposit

A minimum deposit of $1000 per hunter is required to hold a reservation.

Not Included in packages

Ammo, gun rental, license, tax, alcohol, service fee, and gratuity are not included.

An animal is deemed taken/harvested when a hunter draws blood. It is our intent to do everything possible to recover any and all wounded animals. Drawn blood will result in the trophy fee being charged in full, whether the animal is recovered or not, and it is up to your guide to call the hunt when they feel they have exhausted all of their resources.

Trophy Whitetail

Texas Whitetail Hunting Rates

Gold Medal Rates

  • Gold Medal Hunt #1: $18,000
  • Gold Medal Hunt #2: $17,000

Trophy Whitetail Rates

  • Less than 149" - $5,250
  • 150-159" - $6,250
  • 160 - 169" - $7,250
  • 170-179" - $8,550
  • 180 - 189" - $10,500
  • 190 - 199" - $13,000
  • 200 - 219" - $15,000
  • 220 - 239" - $17,000
  • 240 - 299" - $18,000
  • 300"+ - quoted in field

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