Texas Exotic Hunts


Texas Exotic Hunts

Texas Exotic Hunting

World-Class Exotic Hunting Ranch in Texas

Texas Exotic Hunts are world-class at Greystone Castle, offering hunters the opportunity to choose between over 30 species on our vast property. Axis deer, Fallow deer, Sika deer, Red Stag, Aoudad Sheep, Impala, and Blackbuck Antelope are just a sample of the variety of exotic species at Greystone Castle.

The Texas terrain provides the perfect habitat for all our exotic species. This, combined with expert guides, makes for the ultimate Texas Exotic Hunting experience.

Axis Deer Buck

Fully Guided Exotic Hunts in North Texas

If exotic hunts are your passion, then Greystone Castle is the place for you. We offer spectacular year-round, fully guided hunts on a variety of different exotic, and super exotic species. All hunts led by our expert guides and conducted from custom blinds or by spot and stalk. Bow hunting is available with advance notice.

The trophy fee includes caping and taxidermy prep. Guide fees, meals, and lodging are not included. The pricing listed is the “starts at” price. Trophies will be quoted in the field.

Over 30 Exotic Species to Hunt

Enjoy an incredible Texas exotic hunting experience with over 30 species to choose from at Greystone Castle. Our huntable exotic animals include:

Not sure what some of these are? Click on any specie's name to learn more about them.

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Blesbok in Texas

Texas Exotic Hunt Package Information

Exotic Hunts - Lodging and Meals

The trophy fee includes caping and taxidermy prep. Guide fees, meals, and lodging are not included. The pricing listed is the “starts at” price. Trophies will be quoted in the field. The trophy fee is per animal.

A daily rate of $675 per hunter includes lodging, meals, and a guide fee. *Does not include taxes, service fee, license, gratuity, ammo, or alcohol.
A minimum deposit of $1000 per hunter is required to hold your reservation.

Non-hunting guests in the same room pay $225 per night for all-inclusive meals. Non-hunting guests in a separate room pay $500 per night for all-inclusive meals and lodging.

What Is Not Included?

Ammo, gun rental, license, alcohol, tax, service fee, and gratuity are not included.

An animal is deemed taken/harvested when a hunter draws blood. It is our intent to do everything possible to recover any and all wounded animals. Drawn blood will result in the trophy fee being charged in full, whether the animal is recovered or not, and it is up to your guide to call the hunt when they feel they have exhausted all of their resources.

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Bison in Texas

American Bison

Starts at $7,000

The American Bison is a North American species that once roamed the plains in immensely large herds. These massive animals can weigh over a ton and have horns that vary in length from 16-24 inches.

Aoudad in Texas

Aoudad Sheep

Starts at $4,500

The Aoudad species is a goat-antelope species native to the Rocky Mountains of North Africa. They are elusive animals with keen senses which makes them very challenging - but rewarding - to hunt.  They weigh upwards of 200 pounds with horns that can be 28-35 inches long.

Axis Deer in Texas

Axis Deer

Starts at $5,000

The Axis is a medium sized deer species originally from Asia. They have a beautiful chestnut coat with bright white spots. Their antlers are long and graceful with large brow tines. They typically weigh over 150 pounds with antlers over 25 inches.

Blackbuck in Texas

Blackbuck Antelope

Starts at $4,500

The Blackbuck Antelope is originally from India. This very popular exotic is known for its tasty meat and luxurious dark coat on dominant males. It is a small animal weighing just over 100 pounds. The spiraling horns can be over 18 inches long and have two, three or even four curls.

Black Hawaiian Sheep in Texas

Black Hawaiian Sheep

Starts at $3,500

The Black Hawaiian is a North American animal closely related to the Mouflon. They can weigh over 150 pounds and have long horns that spiral out to the sides.

Blesbok in Texas


Starts at $8,000

The Blesbok is an antelope species originally from South Africa. This white-faced animal has lyre-shaped horns on both the males and females. They typically weigh over 150 pounds with horns over 12 inches long.

Catalina Goat in Texas

Catalina Goat

Starts at $3,500

The Catalina Goat originated off the South Catalina Islands near the coast of California. This species has wide flat horns that stretch out like wings. They can be over 25 inches wide.

Corsican Sheep in Texas

Corsican Sheep

Starts at $3,500

The Corsican Sheep is native to Texas and is the result of cross-breeding Mouflon with Texas Dall or Black Hawaiian. They have long curling horns that can weigh over 30 pounds, sometimes more than a quarter of the animal itself. It is also known for it’s long mane down the bottom of it’s neck.

Elk in Texas


Starts at $10,000

The Elk is one of the largest deer species in the world. This North American animal weighs over 700 pounds and can stand over 5 feet tall at the shoulder. They are know for their massive antlers, sometimes over 400 inches, and loud bugling during the rut.

Fallow Deer in Texas

Fallow Deer

Starts at $6,500

The Fallow is a European deer that comes in three colors. The Chocolate, White and Spotted Fallow live together in herds. The males have fall antlers featuring large shovels. These 250+ pound animals often have over 30 inches of antlers.

Gemsbok in Texas


Starts at $9,500

The Gemsbok is an antelope originally from Africa. They have long spear like horns with the females often having longer horns than the males which tend to have thicker horns. This aggressive animal can weigh over 500 pounds and is known for fighting off lions in Africa.

Grant's Gazelle in Texas

Grant's Gazelle

Starts at $10,000

The Grants Gazelle is an African animal found on the Plains. Their lyre-shaped horns can be over 20 inches long. This fawn colored animal can weigh over 150 pounds.

Ibex in Texas


Starts at $7,500

Ibex are originally found in the mountains of the Middle East. This high climbing species prefers rocky terrain. They can weigh over 100 pounds with horns growing over 30 inches.

Impala in Texas


Starts at $9,000

The Impala is native to Africa and is so adaptable it can be found all over the continent. This slender antelope is known for its speeds of over 35 mph and can leap over 30 feet in a single bound. Their horns can be over 16 inches long.

4-Horned Sheep in Texas

Jacob's 4-Horned Sheep

Starts at $3,500

The Jacob’s Four Horned Sheep is originally from Syria. This species is named for it’s 4 horns that grow in pairs, one grows up and out, the other grows down. This species comes in a variety of colors with thick, springy wool. They are a smaller sheep weighing around 100 pounds.

Mouflon in Texas

Mouflon Sheep

Starts at $5,000

Mouflon Sheep are originally from Europe. They are red-brown with an unusual light saddle marking. They can weigh over 150 pounds and have unique curved horns that can make almost a complete circle.

Nile Lechwe in Texas

Nile Lechwe

Starts at $13,000

The Nile Lechwe is originally from Northern Africa. Their horns can be over 20 inches long. They have beautiful dark coats with a unique white spot on top of their neck. Nile Lechwe are excellent swimmers and often cross rivers or lakes to fight.

Nilgai in Texas

Nilgai Antelope

Starts at $6,000

The Nilgai is the largest Asian antelope. Typically found in India, this giant ox like animal can weigh over 600 pounds. Their short horns average 6-8 inches but it is their succulent meat that makes them so popular.

Red Sheep in Texas

Red Sheep

Starts at $5,000

The Red Sheep is native to Iran. The can live to be over 18 years old. They typically weigh around 125 pounds with horns growing over 28 inches.

Red Stag in Texas

Red Stag

Starts at $10,000

The Red Stag is a European deer known for it’s massive antlers. These majestic animals can weigh over 800 pounds and grow antlers with 30-50 points. They bugle like Elk, called a roar, during the rut making it a very exciting hunt.

Sika Deer in Texas

Sika Deer

Starts at 6,000

The Sika deer is native to East Asia, specifically Japan. This deer species is dark brown with simple narrow antlers. They can weigh over 200 pounds with antlers over 20 inches high. At Greystone, we have two species of Sika, the Dybowski and Japenese.

Springbok in Texas


Starts at $9,000

The Springbok is a gazelle native to southwest Africa. This plains animal is small and incredibly fast. They can run over 60 mph and leap 15 feet in a bound. Their horns curve in and are typically around 10 inches.

Himalayan Tahr in Texas

Himalayan Tahr

Starts at $6,500

The Tahr is native to the Himalayan Mountains. They have an extremely thick, bushy wool coat. They weigh around 150 pounds and have backward curving horns around 15 inches long.

Texas Dall Sheep

Texas Dall Sheep

Starts at $3,500

The Texas Dall is a beautiful white sheep native to Texas. They can weigh over 100 pounds with horns over 30 inches.

Waterbuck in Texas


Starts at $8,000

The Waterbuck is a large antelope native to Africa. They can weigh over 400 pounds with horns over 24 inches long. Their shaggy coat produces an oily secretion thought to help with waterproofing and protection from the elements.

Blue Wildebeest in Texas

Blue Wildebeest

Starts at $10,000

The Wildebeest is an African antelope that earned itss name from its menacing appearance. Even with its massive 600 pound body and curving 26+ inch wide horns, it is actually a favorite meal of lions and cheetahs on the plains.

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